Monday, May 25, 2009

Marriage As An Islamic Institution

Marriage , according to Islam , is the fundamental institution which aims at establishing the family.the first unit of society.Thus , marriage is a sacred institution that must be protected from any harm.

Marriage in Islam partly aims at the multiplication of human race. Psychologists and sociologists agree that the best environtment for the growth of a child is his family.That is why Islam encourages marriage and protects family against all forms of corruption in order to develop the psychological health of men,women and children.Without marriage,there would be no family; without the family there would be no psychologically balanced human life for adults or for children.

When a man plans to marry a certain woman , he makes a proposal of marriage to her or to her parents or her guardian.In the meantime , no man else can propose to the same woman until the first man withdraws his proposal or is rejected.The reason here is to avoid any enmity caused by quarrelling over marrying a certain woman.

In Islam marriage should be based on the concent of both sides, i.e., husband and wife. The husband gives the wife a dowry specified in the marriage contract and this dowry, i.e., the free gift,is paid to the wife at yhe time of contracting the marriage.

The amount of the dowry in Islam depends on the financial ability of the husband and on the social position of the wife. In many cases, the dowry in Islam is devided into two parts; an advance dowry and a deferred dowry. The advance dowry is paid upon contracting marriage and the deferred dowry is paid upon the termination of the marriage whether by dealth or separation.

Men have the right to choose their wives and women have the right to choose their husbands. Of course a young girl might not have enough experience to choose the right man; therefore the advice of her father or guardian has its justification . But no father or guardian has the right to force a girl to get married to a man whom she does not accept.In other words ,in Islam the consent of the woman to marry a certain man is essential.In the Glorious Quran also wrote in many verses stresses about the importance of marriage to all men and women.

p/s ......Post ini tak tertakluk kepada mana-mana keadaan..hehe..cuma untuk perkongsian bersama semua sahabat2...tajuk ini antara muqarrar bg tahun 3 bahasa arab..kalao tak faham boleh rujuk kamus yang berhampiran atau datang sendiri bertalaqqi dengan org yg sepatutnya..Untuk maklumat lanjut bolehlah merujuk kepada kitab-kitab Fikh,Hadis,Tafsir dan sbg. Semoga mendapat manfaat...Teruskan berusaha....Bittaufiq Wannajah...

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